Monday, April 9, 2012

Silent (Not) Spring

Celebrating 50 Years of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

This book challenged the practices of agricultural scientists and the US government by calling for a change in the way chemicals were used in the United States. Carson was especially concerned about the use of synthetic pesticides, many of which had been developed through government programs. Specifically targeted was the aerial spraying of DDT to eradicate fire ants, which concerned private landowners as well as the Washington DC Chapter of the Audubon Society. Her research uncovered documentation supporting damaging physiological effects of the spray on birds and animals, as well as its toxic connection with cancer. Though Rachel Carson was attacked by the chemical industry as an alarmist, she courageously defended her convictions and research relating to pesticide poisoning. Ironically, she was not to live a long life and succumbed to breast cancer at the all too young age of 56.

Thank you, Rachel for your courageous strength of conviction. We are eternally grateful.

Rachel Carson, 1907 - 1964


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