Monday, April 16, 2012

S is for Stangl

Stangl Pottery of Trenton, NJ was initially produced simultaneously with Fulper Pottery of Flemington, NJ and incorporated in 1955 as the Stangl Pottery Company. The origins are somewhat unclear except to note that a utilitarian pottery factory in the same location was begun by Samuel Hill in 1805, producing drain pipes, storage crocks and jars all from the lovely red earthenware clay inherent in that region of Jew Jersey. Abram Fulper acquired that company in the 1860's and by 1900 the Fulper Pottery Company became renowned for its Vasekraft art pottery line. In 1910, Fulper hired ceramic engineer Johan Martin Stangl from Hoff, Germany to develop new pottery shapes and glazes, which catapulted sales due to its popularity. Stangl was responsible for the company's signature line of open stock solid-color dish ware, known as Fulper Fayence, with colors such as Chinese Ivory, Colonial Blue, Silver Green and Persian Yellow. He became CEO in 1928 upon the death of William Fulper and saw the company through devastating fires and relocation in Flemington. The names Fulper and Stangl were both used as marks on the pottery, with the Stangl name becoming most common by the 1940's, at which time hand painted florals became the rage. Johan Martin Stangl died in 1972, with his estate running the factory until it was purchased by Pfaltzgraff in 1978. As Stangl Pottery is widely available and affordably priced, the hunt for it will not disappoint. Have fun!
Proudly, Made in the USA.

Bittersweet Pattern, handpainted


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Gardeningbren said...

Thanks for introducing me to another pottery manufacturer. Will keep my eyes open for this. So lovely.

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