Monday, April 2, 2012

R is for Rowentrees Pottery

Rowentrees Pottery, Blue Hill, ME, was founded by Adelaide Pearson, the daughter of a wealthy Boston manufacturer and politician. Adelaide was an archaeologist, author, lecturer, cinematographer, philanthropist and world traveler. Interestingly, she drove ambulances during WWI and her love for travel as well as endless means allowed her the opportunity to do the world tour - twice! In the mid 1800's, the village of Blue Hill was settled by shipbuilders from Newburyport, Salem and Andover MA. By the early 1900's, Blue Hill became known as a colony for Rusticators - families escaping the heat of the cities to spend cool summer days on the rustic coast of Maine. They brought a new way of life to the area and expanded the cultural and recreational activities despite the fact that Rusticators aimed to lived simpler lives, albeit with most of the amenities of their well to do, comfortable American lifestyles. Countless elegant 'cottages' were built in the area with carriage rides, sailing, hiking, tennis, golf and elegant parties to be had in the 'relaxed' ways of Maine. Travel was to and from Maine by great steamships and trains, which often took overnight trips to transport Rusticators from NY to Ellsworth.
In 1939 Adelaide Pearson met and befriended Mahatma Gandhi, who visited her home and pottery studio in Blue Hills, Maine. He commented on the absolute beauty and spiritual nature of the place where Adelaide created the lovely pieces of Art Pottery known as Rowentrees. It was a name chosen for the lovely ash trees that surrounded the entrance gate designed and built by Adelaide herself. The clay soil, rich in copper manganese and iron leant depth and rare color to her pottery pieces, which subsequently attributed to their status world wide. Studio and art classes were offered once the kiln was completed in 1934 and continued to be made until sometime in the 1950's. Rowentrees pieces may still be available through the Rowentrees Pottery Union. Happy Hunting!


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Mrs. Heisey said...

I have 2 or 3 pieces of this Rowentree pottery. Do you know where I can see more pieces of it? I am in Ohio. Thanks!

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