Monday, December 3, 2012

Favorite Things

My favorite things:

recalling the giggles of my children

rolling over in a cozy bed

the aroma of coffee in the morning... and drinking it from my bowl

soft kisses

hugging - a lot

snuggling up by the fire on a cold winters night

falling asleep after a busy day

telling and showing someone I love them


boisterous hearty laughter

savoring delicious food prepared by me


strolling a desolate beach... especially in winter

dancing with reckless abandon 

singing out loud... while cleaning the house 

long chats on the phone with those I love

creative people, beautiful homes, lovely landscapes

really really fabulous shoes

living always with integrity... and knowing my actions are consistent with my beliefs

making good choices the key to a happy and fulfilled life

           A friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

friends and family that mean the world to me... especially on this eve of my Birthday*

Born 4 December, 1956 with 56 years of living behind me;
grateful for my health and the trials that helped me grow.
The gift to myself is to take life into my own hands now,
creating those feelings of security... love... happiness
as I trust my God, my wisdom and my heart. 

Happy Birth year to me!  

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1 comment:

Gardeningbren said...

See that girl to the right...that's twin. That's me..about fifteen years ago. It was rather shocking for me to see her and I always wanted to write and say it's I have, tonight.

Your new post on Lonesome George..what can one say..but you did, and so beautifully.

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