Monday, December 10, 2012

F is for Fulper Pottery

Fulper Pottery was begun in Flemington NJ as Hill Pottery in 1814.  It was  potter Samuel Hill who created lines of storage crocks and jars from the red clay of the region. Upon his death in 1858 Abcan Fulper purchased the plant and expanded production to include earthenware stoneware and tile.  During the 1880's, the company was known as Fulper Brothers becoming incorporated in 1899 as the Fulper Pottery Company.  In 1900 William H. Fulper II created the art pottery line of beautifully glazed pots executed by master potter John Kinsman.  The turn of the 20th C was a time of great interest in craftsmanship and artistic expression in response to mass production during the industrial era.  Fulper capitalized on the trend of collecting by hiring Dr. Cullen Parmelee, a chemist who developed gorgeous Chinese-inspired glazes which were authentic recreations of Famille Rose, Chinese Blue, Seladon, Rouge Flambe, and Claire de Lune.  Over 100 unique glazes made up the backbone of Fulper Pottery's renowned VaseKraft art pottery line which was introduced in 1909 by ceramicist Martin Stangl.  

It was Stangl Pottery that acquired Fulper in 1929 and continued to produce art pottery until 1935.  These pieces are unquestionably beautiful to behold and display.  They make unique gifts which will grace a home for years to come in vintage - albeit modern - style.  Happy Hunting!


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