Monday, August 20, 2012

Z is for Zanesville Ohio Potteries

Zanesville, Ohio, located in southeastern Muskingum County, was named after Ebenezer Zane, the engineer who built the road traversing through Ohio from Wheeling, WV to Maysville, KY during the late 1700's.  Although it was the state capital from 1810-1812, Zanesville's real claim to fame for us vintage lovers is its role in the history of Art Pottery during the early years of the 20th Century.  Due to its plentiful reserves of iron ore and clay as well as water from the Muskingum River,  Zanesville was dubbed the Clay City for its contribution of gorgeous pieces of pottery from 1900 through the 1940's.  Potteries included Nelson McCoy,  Owens,  Robinson/Ransbottom, Roseville, Weller, and Zanesville Pottery to name a few. They are truly special;  uniquely formed and beautifully glazed.  Research and explore your favorites to adorn your home with precious art pottery from a time long gone by.   Happy Hunting!

 McCoy planter

Nelson McCoy bowls

 Roseville Clematis Pattern

Zanesville Pottery


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Gardeningbren said...

I so enjoy when you post about ceramics and I learn something new. Such lovely pieces.

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