Monday, August 27, 2012

Ode to the Hurricane

Love is all around you like the air and is the very breath of being.  But you cannot know it, feel its unfeeling touch, until you pause in your busyness, are still and poised and empty of your wanting and desiring.  When at rest the air is easily offended and will flee even from the fanning of a leaf, as love flees from the first thought.   But when the air or love moves of its own accord it is a hurricane that drives all before it. - Barry Long, (1926-2003),  Australian spiritual teacher and writer

Riders on the Storm pay strict attention to this date in August as the beginning of the High Season for hurricanes when air and ocean are in sync for storming.  Technically speaking, vertical shear (which is the change in wind direction and height) is low enough in the atmosphere and temperatures are warm
enough in the sea to create the chaos of the storm.

This is the time of year to pause in your busyness and free your mind and body of those thoughts and emotions that are toxic to your well being, as philosopher Barry Long suggests.

Create that hurricane in your soul as a necessary step to living life to its fullest! 

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