Monday, August 1, 2011

F is for Federal Glass

Columbia pattern, 1938-1942
11" Chop Plate

Serving Bowl

Established in 1900 in Columbus, OH, Federal Glass produced beautiful hand-crafted glassware until the 1920's when it switched over to machine-made products. At that time Federal Glass was a leader in pressed, mold etched pink, green, amber and clear dish ware. It produced more Amber glass than any other depression glass company. Federal Glass established itself in the food service and commercial industries, remaining in business until 1979 when Indiana Glass Company purchased it and acquired its molds.

The Columbia pattern was manufactured from 1938-1942 in clear and pink. This unique design has some heft to it, with the decorative pattern of a central daisy-like ray flower emitting happy bubbles towards its edges. Other patterns made by Federal Glass include:

Colonial Fluted Rope, 1928-1932 Parrot (or Sylvan), 1931-1932
Diana, 1937-41 Patrician (or Spoke), 1933-1937
Fruits, 1931, 1936 Raindrops (or Pebble Optic), 1927
Georgian, 1931-1936 Rosemary (or Dutch Rose), 1935-1937
Honeycomb, 1931-1936 Sharon, 1935-1939
Madrid, 1932-1939 Thumbprint, 1927-1930
Mayflower, 1934 Windsor (or Button & Cane), 1970's
Normandie, 1933-1940

Despite being in the category of Depression Glass, collecting any one of these lovely patterns will ultimately bring joy to your home that only a thing of beauty can bring! Enjoy!

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