Monday, January 6, 2014

Z is for Zephyr Lily

The Roseville Pottery Company, founded in 1890 in Zanesville Ohio, created among the most beautiful pieces of art during its 60 years in business.  Although strictly utilitarian pieces were made until 1900, it was the introduction of the Rozane line that emphasized quality in detail and design.  

Frederick Rhead became Art Director in 1904 and was responsible for the Aztec, Crystalis, Della Robbia and Fudji lines.  Rhead was succeeded by Frank Ferrel in 1919 and along with George Krause produced the Blackberry, Cherry Blossum, Dahlrose, Ferella, Rosecraft Hexagon, Sunflower and Wisteria patterns.  The Pinecone pattern, introduced in 1935, became Roseville's most successful and highest volume line with over 75 different shapes in the three major pottery colors of green, brown and blue.

The 1940's saw the introduction of Roseville's best art quality pottery with Bittersweet, Columbine, Cosmos, Fuchsia, White Rose and Zephyr Lily (1946). Unfortunately the ravages of WWII plunged the company into economic uncertainty and after sixty years of business Roseville ceased production in 1954.  Sixty years later it still remains among the most beautiful and highly collected pottery.  
Zephyr Lily pattern

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