Monday, September 16, 2013

T is for Teacups

The art of taking tea out of sweet little handle-less porcelain cups, simple white and sometimes blue,  originated in China around 220 BC.  As the custom and ceremony of preparing tea spread to Europe - specifically English Royalty - the handle-less cup gave way to elegance in the form of sterling silver during the reign of King George II (1683-1760).  It was Englishman Robert Adams who designed handled cups with sets including a tea pot, sugar bowl, creamer and matching spoons.  Through the centuries porcelain took precedence with the sets beautifully hand painted and decorated.

Sensory pleasures of smell taste and feel are elevated once your lips experience the sipping of tea from the delicateness of porcelain. It is meant to bring mindfulness and relaxation; to be savored and enjoyed. Treat yourself to a gift at simplycoolstuff and relinquish those thick rimmed mugs and disposable cups to coffee -  on the go!


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