Monday, July 8, 2013

P is for Petalware

Macbeth-Evans Glass Company was established in 1899 upon the merger of the Thomas Evans Company of Pittsburgh and the George A. MacBeth Company of Charleroi.

In 1929, MacBeth-Evans produced several types of opalescent glass known as Monax and Ivrene.
Though quite delicate looking, the glass was exceptionally durable and heat resistant - with a lovely translucency and clear white color.  Ivrene was a beige version of Monax, resembling a clambroth color.  Petalware was the popular pattern produced from 1929 through 1936.

MacBeth-Evans merged with Corning Glass Works of NY, producing Cremax and Chinex to take the place of the Monax line thus reflecting changing tastes from the delicate glass look to opaque porcelain.

Petalware was produced in great numbers.  As such it remains prevalent as an affordable indulgence to your vintage collection.  Its beauty is truly timeless.

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