Monday, November 5, 2012

D is for Dresden Plate

The Dresden Plate Quilt reflects the  Romantic Art Movement prevalent in Germany during the 19th Century Victorian era.  Dresden, Germany was the epicenter of beautifully decorated porcelain ware plates -  embellished with elaborate floral, fruit and foliage designs - reflecting the formal tastes of the times.  The Dresden Plate Quilt first appeared during the latter quarter of the 19th Century as a piece and appliqued work of  fine stitchery.  The basic quilt is a square-by-square pattern, appliqued and hand quilted with a sandwich of batting between the layers. Its beauty belies its incredibly warm function.  Handmade quilts such as this often marked important occasions, such as weddings, births, and housewarmings.  They became more cherished as they were passed down through the generations.

My Dresden Plate Quilt is still in the making, begun 25 or so years ago... It seems impossible to me that it has been that long, yet I have not lost my enthusiasm to finish it.... It reflects my grandmothers', mothers, and my history, with the fabrics of our lives sewed together.  I continue to toil away, I continue to make progress and that is what quilting is all about. It is an expression of love for all things beautiful sewn together and patched into one.     May this inspire you to begin a treasure!


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