Monday, June 4, 2012

V is for Vaseline Glass

The name vaseline conjures up an image of that ubiquitous household item -  a jellied lemony colored balm,  soothing as an elixir of sorts for dry skin and lips.  It was during the early 19th C that a glass was produced that replicated the color of this luscious product through the addition of uranium dioxide.  The resulting formula produced a very cool yellow green coloration,  florescent under an ultra-violet black light that 'excites' the outer electrons of the uranium atoms causing them to glow! Names for this unique hue include citron, jasmine, golden green, mustard, canary and Florentine with colorations ranging from yellow to green depending on the oxidation state and concentration of the metal ions present in the mix.  The higher the uranium dioxide content, the greater the florescence and bright green energy we see.  A Geiger Counter will register very low levels of radioactivity from authentic Vaseline Glass which is insignificant and close to the amounts of the natural radioactivity surrounding us.

As a form of Art Glass, Vaseline Glass is considered highly collectible.  Its neon punch of color is very hip and certainly creates that dash of intensity and vibrancy that makes a room come alive.
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