Monday, November 21, 2011

L is for Lu-Ray

Lu-Ray Pastels

Lu Ray Pastels 'Empire Shape' semi-porcelain dish ware was manufactured by Taylor-Smith and Taylor Co. (TS&T) from 1938-1961 in Chester, WV. The Company was in business from 1899 through the 1970's, at which time it was bought out by Anchor Hocking Glass. The Lu Ray Pastel pattern is charming in its elegant art deco simplicity with lovely muted toned colors. The four original pastels include: Sharon Pink, Persian Cream, Windsor Blue, and Surf Green. A fifth coloration, Chatham Gray, introduced in 1949, is considered a premium color; more rare therefore more expensive. I recently came across a Lu Ray Chatham Gray Teapot selling for $670! For the most part, Lu Ray items are readily available and most affordable, providing that sweet little addition of cool vintage to your modern home. Happy Hunting!


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