Monday, July 11, 2011

E is for Economy Glass

Round Robin pattern

Economy Glass started out as Morgantown Glass Company in Morgantown, WV, 1899. It became known for high quality, hand blown glassware. In 1903, Morgantown Glass changed its name to Economy Tumbler Glass and introduced colors into its repertoire. From its inception, the 'Continental' line was popular and continued to be manufactured until the company closed its doors in 1937. 'Round Robin' was the only Depression Glass pattern made by Morgantown under the Economy Glass logo. Economy Tumbler Glass reopened as Morgantown Glassware Guild in 1939, introducing bar and stem ware with unique shapes and cool colors including jade, pink, 'Ritz' blue, magenta, amethyst, and black. In 1965, Morgantown Glassware Guild was purchased by and incorporated into the Fostoria Glass Company. Fostoria Glass was in business until 1983, when it too was bought out by Lancaster Colony. Competition from imports effected sustainability and that company folded in 1986.
The Round Robin pattern is so thoroughly modern in its simplicity it is hard to believe it is 75 years old - and still so much in vogue. Happy hunting!


Gardeningbren said...

Just found an old glass vase, very similar to Round Robin cut, the vase a mint julep glass shape, (nice foot) but too large to be for that. The glass almost has a hint of bronze. Wish I could find out more about it. Can you recommend a special book perhaps. It really is quite lovely and am anxious to use it.

Maria Wheeler, Simply Cool Stuff said...

I so very much appreciate you reading this post, Bren. The Round Robin pattern was quite popular for Economy Glass, introduced in the 1930's. I would suggest getting a copy of Gene Florence's books on Pattern Glassware, Depression Glass, and more. The books are quite thorough and read like encyclopedias, with beautifully taken photos to match. Enjoy!

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