Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aren't We Lucky!

At last simplycoolstuff welcomes you to my first post and my little world of creativity. The hope is to inspire through writing, photography, art, vintage home goods and decorating, garden design and more. These pages will be organized and posted alphabetically on Mondays and every other week a vintage item will be highlighted to educate and promote my passion for precious old things. Just for fun, the blog will follow a stream of consciousness format which, according to Wikipedia "is a technique in modern narrative fiction which attempts to convey the characters' rambling thoughts." I plan on mixing up the content with interviews of maybe famous and maybe not so famous everyday locals with something to share. The object is to enjoy yourself for a short time - ramble a little - and see where it leads...Love to have you join in every now and again! And, with that introduction, I give you a window into some local beauty. The perfect time of the year to reflect: Aren't We Lucky!


Talia said...

Gorgeous mom :) sending my love from Londontown. I am SO proud of this accomplishment. The website looks absolutely amazing. Finally, let the posts begin xo

Mrs. Borreson said...

Dear Maria,
Well, finally I'm on my computer and not at work. I just finished doing homework for my googledocs class. I'll think of you and all your creative and technological endeavors as I learn more about googledocs - I'm sure there are applications that would be of use to you! Everything looks wonderful and so inspiring. Congrats on all your hard work and perserverance! I love you! Sherri

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